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 You Will Learn
How to set yourself free from limiting beliefs and discover what you are capable of. Why it is so crucial to stop letting your Inner Critic run the show and instead, reconnect to your authentic self. And, we will bust myths that have been keeping you suck living a life you do not love!

Secret #1

Everything in life was created to seek expansion, you are not an exception!
Your longing and discontent are necessary tools in order for spiritual and life growth.
You do not have to settle for a life you do not love, yet so many people do! 

Secret #2

You no longer have to spend your days plagued by anxiety and fear over the future. There is a process you can use today to start you on the path to getting unstuck, re-set, and feeling more confident, empowered to show up as the next grandest version of
 yourself and dare to dream again!

Secret #3

You are worthy of any dream that your imagination can create. The energy you expend in fear can be redirected to awaken the power within you that is greater than any obstacle standing in your way!

About Your Coach


Kathleen is passionate about making dreams come alive! Growing up in an abusive home she often found refuge in her dreams of a better future. She freed herself form her toxic environment at the age of 17 and started off on a dark path. At the age of 18 she overcame addiction, surrendered to her faith, and pursed a better life.
Three short years later she became Lead Stylist and owner of Dreamers Salon.
She quickly realized she had a natural talent for helping her clients heal their self image and feel confident embracing and expressing their authentic selves. Within
this new awakening her passion for coaching was born!

In 2007 she discovered the transformative philosophy of yoga and began to heal her relationship with self-love and life. Following in her grandmothers footsteps of natural medicine she took her passion a step further and became certified by one of Dr. Vincent Lads apprentices, Arpita Shah, NAMA certified Ayurveda Practitioner C-IAYT, in the ancient art of Ayurveda.  Using both valuable assets she applies a very holistic approach to all of her coaching techniques, programs, & workshops.

In 2018 she shattered her spine in a tragic accident and was forced to close her salon. The curse of facing set back, after set back, during her 562 day recovery turned out to be the greatest blessing. She left no stone unturned when it came to healing herself, and what she discovered changed her life forever. Her willingness to explore her depths and share her testimony has made her a beacon of light for so many. And has equipped her to aid people traverse their depths and set themselves free from darkness. 
This twist of fate freed her pursue her true passion of coaching full time.

Kathleen has been extremely fortunate to receive in-depth training, certification, and mentorship from the Life Mastery Institute, under one of the famous pioneers of transformation, Mary Morrissey and LMI.'s Master coach Kirsten Wells, She is also experienced in many healing modalities such as pranayama, meditation, and EFT Tapping to help her clients release the pain from the past and fear over the future. She has had the honor of serving hundreds of men and women in the coaching field for the past 17 years, hosted multiple workshops, retreats, and seminars empowering people to heal their lives and pursue their dreams!
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