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How to set yourself free from limiting beliefs and discover what you are capable of. Why it is so crucial to stop letting your Inner Critic run the show and instead, reconnect to your authentic self. And, we will bust myths that have been keeping you stuck living a life you do not love!
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Kathleen is passionate about making dreams come alive! Growing up in an abusive home she often found refuge in her dreams of a better future. She freed herself from her toxic environment at the age of 17 and started off on a dark path. At the age of 18 she overcame addiction, surrendered to her faith, and pursued a better life.

Three short years later she became Lead Stylist 
and owner of Dreamers Salon.
She quickly realized she had a natural talent for helping her clients heal their self image and feel confident embracing and expressing their 
authentic selves. Within  this new awakening her passion for coaching was born!

In 2007 she discovered the transformative philosophy of yoga and began to heal her relationship with self-love and life. Following in her grandmothers footsteps of natural medicine she took her passion a step further and became certified by one of Dr. Vincent Lads apprentices, Arpita Shah, NAMA certified Ayurveda Practitioner C-IAYT, in the ancient art of Ayurveda. Using both valuable assets she applies a very holistic approach to all of her coaching programs, retreats & workshops.
dreaming goddess yoga retreat
There is a Divine Light in all of us. A light, that when nourished burns brighter than the sun. Within that light, lies the power of our inner Goddess. When we nurture that light by nurturing ourselves, we reconnect to our true nature and the ability to give life; whether it is giving life to a child or to a dream. They are similar in what they require; both take love, sacrifice, imagination, willingness to be uncomfortable, support and faith.

As women, it is no wonder with the unrealistic demands of life and the false identity of who “we should be” based off of society’s standards, that we lose touch with our true nature and power. And despite our best efforts, we constantly put ourselves on the back burner. When we neglect ourselves or choose to conform to who “we should be,” we give in to fear, competition, jealousy, and comparison. In doing so, we disconnect from our wholeness, uniqueness, and the power to transform our dreams into reality.
 When we tap back into that power we naturally let go, and influence other women to embrace themselves and shine as we have learned to. 

Join Kathleen, Founder & CEO of Dreamers Life Coaching, LLC., Transformational Life Coach, Ayurveda Consultant, and RYT300 Instructor for an opportunity of a lifetime...

The opportunity to relax, unwind, pamper yourself, spend time with like-minded women, and reconnect to your inner power, using Kathleen’s leading edge 5-step DREAM system. Come celebrate your inner Goddess with the special women in your life at a beautiful lakeside facility. 

Together we move out of the darkness and into the light. Together we Dare to Dream again!
Bring your Daughter, Sister, Cousin, Niece, friend, or any female that you would love to spend your weekend with. Gift yourselves the experience of a lifetime and create memories that will change your lives forever!

 Kathleen Anderson
Founder & CEO of Dreamers LC, LLC.
P.O. BOX 137182 
FT. WORTH, TX 76135​

about your retreat facility
Mariposa on The Lake
9331 Dickson Rd.
Fort Worth, Tx 76179

This beautiful lakeside resort is located on Eagle Mountain Lake just 45 minutes from DFW Airport.

Not only are the serene views spectacular, the energy is indescribable and very healing. In the warmer months you can enjoy the outdoor kitchen area equipped with a fire pit, grill, table and lounge chairs, yoga by the lake, or a stroll in nature. During the cooler months you can enjoy the out door fire pit, lounge with the girls indoor meditation room, fireside yoga, and indoor dining table.

Over night accommodations can sleep 13 so don't hesitate to invite as many of the lovely women in your life as you like!

Two private rooms are available if you prefer your privacy or bunk with the girls and save! Did someone say Pajama Party! :)

Crystal infused dream catchers
Kathleen is also a successful artist. One of her favorite creations is her crystal infused dream catchers. Hand crafted down to the leather wrapped rim they are one of a kind. Custom made and woven with crystal beads for optimum psychic and energetic healing.

Dream Catchers where created by Native Americans to ward off bad dreams and negative energy. Freeing their minds and bodies from darkness.

Crystals vibrate at the same frequency as our physical energy does. Each unique crystal offers healing of every variety. 

Combined they Have a wonderful impact in healing the subconscious mind, restoring your energy, enhancing creativity and relief from insomnia.

As a guest of our Dreaming Goddess Retreat you will have an opportunity to select the crystals that call to you and co-create your one of a kind unique Dream Catcher. 

A gift you take home to keep the healing energy and awaking from your magical weekend with you to help you stay grounded and excited about moving toward your dreams.
dreaming goddess schedule
Sample Retreat Schedule: 


3:00- 4:00 Check in / Welcome Treats
Opening Circle
4:30-6:00 Dream Catcher Making
6:30 Dinner
8:00 Group Gathering/Discussion
9:00 Restorative Yoga/Meditation W/Bestowed Mantra 


8:00 Gentle Yoga / Meditation (outdoors weather permitting)
9:30 Coffee / Tea / Snack/Group Gathering / Discussion
11:00 Mimosa-Brunch/Lavender Spa Facial Bar
1:00-2:00 Free Time
2:00 Light Lunch
3:00-5:00 Group Gathering/ Discussion 
5:00-7:00 Free Time 
7:00 Dinner
8:30 Fireside Restorative Yoga w/Nidra


8:00 Coffee / Tea / Snack
8:30 Gentle Yoga / Meditation (outdoors weather permitting)
10:00 Brunch
Closing Circle / Departure

Retreat Includes

Weekend includes:
2 nights accommodation,

all meals, snacks, coffees, teas, clean, filtered water

All yoga equipment and props
gentle, heart opening yoga practices that restore and calm the nervous system.
Evening Fireside Restorative Yoga w/

Lavender Facial Bar & Mimosas

Unique hand made Dream Catcher, infused with healing crystals, that you get to co-create & take home with you!

Learn basic meditation techniques you can use at home, and experience the power of mantra.

Kathleen Anderson's 5-Step Dream System

Early bird Retreat pricing is 399.00 through April 10th
Regular price is 449.00
Non refundable Deposit is 100.00
Balance due by May 1st
Deposit link to hold your space for this retreat is below
$100 deposit plus stripe fees = 103.30
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